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Every commercial and industrial property needs effective and reliable ventilation. Insufficient fresh air can cause tiredness, fatigue and headaches, which will impact negatively on employee concentration and performance. By installing a high quality mechanical ventilation system you can guarantee a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air throughout your premises, resulting in a healthier more productive working environment.

heat recovery unit The Benefits Mechanical Ventilation

  • Provides a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air throughout the building.
  • Maintains a comfortable indoor temperature appropriate to the task(s) being undertaken.
  • Removes pollutants and odours e.g. exhaled air, body odours, cooking smells etc.
  • ​Prevents condensation and mould growth within the building fabric.

Our team of skilled engineers have experience in all types of installation from single unit systems, to large scale commercial projects. Whatever your needs, be they bespoke rectangular sections or pre manufactured spiral sections, or plain and simple plastic ducting, we are here to assist you from the initial design through to final completion.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our installations and we will only source products from the leading ventilation and air conditioning manufactures (e.g. LG, Vent-Axia, Nuaire and Daikin) so you can be sure of a reliable ventilation system that will work effectively for many years to come.

ventilation installation
Our services include

  • Design and Planning

  • Ventilation Unit Installations
  • Ventilation Ductwork Installations

  • Testing and Commissioning of Mechanical Ventilation

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance

Whatever your commercial ventilation requirements, we will provide a cost effective and reliable solution. Call us today on 028 8675 1025 to speak with a member of our team.